Statistics on inserted data the last 3 months

Last month
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2 months ago
Site Theme Inserted data
ploemeur head level 150306

3 months ago
Site Theme Inserted data
poitiers air temperature 28350
poitiers barometric pressure 28350
poitiers flowrate 133705
poitiers humidity 28350
poitiers multiparameter probe 247162
poitiers rainfall 28347
poitiers solar radiation 28350
poitiers spectral and natural gamma radioactivity 123581
poitiers time step 28347
poitiers tracer concentration 156648
poitiers velocity 123581
poitiers wind speed 56700

Statistics on all inserted spatialized data

Site Type Total
argentona electric cross section 17
auverwatch electric cross section 2
evi-1 dts cross section 1
guidel electric cross section 6
guidel electromagnetic map 1
guidel seismic cross section 2
houay_pano electric cross section 8
lsbb electric cross section 12
lsbb mrs sounding 2
lsbb seismic cross section 6
ploemeur electric cross section 22
ploemeur electric map 1
ploemeur geological cross section 1
ploemeur geological map 4
ploemeur gravimetric map 1
ploemeur magnetic map 1
ploemeur piezometric map 3
ploemeur seismic cross section 27
poitiers seismic 3d block 1
strengbach mrs sounding 16
strengbach seismic cross section 10
äspö radar cross section 49