How to access the database?


To access the database and download data sets, you need to create an account at this address. When your account is validated, you can connect to the database interface or directly download data from the links available on the website using your login and password. Please, follow this tutorial for more information.

Access to the data from Google Earth module

The Google Earth module provides a site visualization and information on data available such as types of measurements, locations, dates, etc. This interface also provides an overview of geophysical maps and cross-sections, which can be directly downloaded from the available links. Data available through predefined requests can be downloaded from this interface too.  

To download the Google Earth file and access to the data of this site, click on the following icon or image


Overview of the Google Earth module.


Access to the data from database interface

All data inserted in the H+ database can be extracted using requests, which can be defined through this interface. For more information, please read the tutorial available here.


Overview of the database interface.


Access to the data from predefined requests

To help finding general data sets, predefined requests have been created and are regularly executed. Results can be downloaded from the links available below.




Site data

Spatialized data


Experimental bench


In situ measurements

  • Multiparameters logs (including temperature, conductivity, disolved oxygen, pH, and redox potential)


Soil atmosphere exchange



* Due to improvement in the measuring devices for the Z borehole references, some variations may occur during 2011 and 2017. See this note (in French) for more details.


Access to the data from published articles

Alternatively, user can find specific data sets published in scientific journals. The web page that links to the specific data set is provided at the end of the reference.


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