OSUR, Université de Rennes 1 : Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Jérôme de la Bernardie, Laurent Longuevergne, Camille Bouchez, Behzad Pouladi (ENIGMA), Nataline Simon, Alain Crave

METIS, Sorbonne-université, Paris : Damien Jougnot, Lara Blazevic (ENIGMA), Pierre Ribstein, Roger Guerin

IPGP, Paris: Julien Bouchez, Eric Lajeunesse

OREME, Université de Montpellier: Cédric Champollion, Anne-Karin Cooke (ENIGMA)

HydrASA, Université de Poitiers: Gilles Porel, Benoit Nauleau, Laurent Caner

EMMAH, Université d'Avignon: Naomi Mazzili (skype)

BRGM, Orléans: Mohamed Azaroual

BRGM, Montpellier: Jean-Christophe Maréchal

NCGRT, Flinders University: Peter Cook

M2C, Université de Rouen: Nicolas Massei, Abdel Jardani

Chrono environnement, Université de Franche Comté : Hélène Celle-Jeanton

GEO3, Université de Liège: Richard Hoffmann (ENIGMA)

 Jülich research center: Satoshi Izumoto (ENIGMA)

Mines ParisTech: Agnès Rivière, Nicolas Flipo

IRD: Henri Robain





Monday 3rd June


[13h30-16h] H+ sites: summary of scientific activity and prospective

13h30-13h45 Welcome and presentation of the H+ network Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour

13h45-14h LSBB site Naomi Mazzilli(skype)

14h-14h15 Poitiers site Gilles Porel

14h15-14h30 Larzac site Cédric Champollion

14h30-14h45 Auverwatch site Hélène Celle-Jeanton

14h45-15h Hyderabad site Jean-Christophe Maréchal

15h-15h15 Ploemeur site Laurent Longuevergne

15h15-16h Discussion about transversal projects and prospective, feedback on CNAP application

Coffee break 16h-16h30

[16h30-17h30] OZCAR infrastructure and eLTER project

16h30-17h30 Update on OZCAR activities and transversal animations, presentation of  the elTER project and discussion on the selection of the Larzac site in eLTER plus Tanguy Le Borgne

[17h30-18h] Budget and H+ database

17h30-18h Budget

18h-18h30 H+ database Jérôme de La Bernardie


Tuesday 4th June


Scientific animation by the H+/ENIGMA scientists, PhD students and invited speakers

8h50-9h Welcome of participants

[9h-10h40] Biogeochemistry

9h-9h40 Quantifying and Partitioning Surface Water – Groundwater Exchange Fluxes using Tracers Peter Cook

9h40-10h10 How to estimate at catchment scale mixing and reactivity that occur in surface and subsurface waters? Camille Bouchez

10h10-10h40 Hydrological controls on solute export from catchments: insights from high-frequency river geochemistry Julien Bouchez

Coffee break 10h40-11h

[11h-15h30] Hydrogeophysics

11h-11h30 Streaming potential monitoring of water flow in the vadose zone, benefits and challenges from the effective excess charge density approach Damien Jougnot

11h30-12h Hydrogeophysical Monitoring of a Controlled Infiltration Experiment at the Ploemeur Hydrological Observatory Lara Blazevic

12h-12h30 Spectral induced polarization of biochemical reactions in laboratory experiments Satoshi Izumoto

Lunch (buffet meal) 12h30-14h

14h-14h30 Can vertical gravity gradients monitor seasonal soil moisture dynamics? - Gravity gradient observations and coupled hydro-gravimetrical modelling in Karsts Anne-Karin Cooke

14h30-15h Real-time flow profiling in fractured wellbores using Distributed Temperature Data: Case study in an inclined fractured wellbore in Guidel site Behzad Pouladi

15h-15h30 Cold water injections in South India - An innovative smart tracer technique for hot fractured aquifers Richard Hoffmann

Coffee break 15h30-16h

[16h-17h30] Monitoring and modelling

16h-16h30 O-ZNS platform:Observatory for mass and heat transfers in the Unsaturated Zone Mohamed Azaroual

16h30-17h Hydraulic tomography in karstic and fractured environments  Abdel Jardani

17h-17h30 Monitoring of the percolation in the unsaturated zone on the Hydrogeological Experimental Site of the University of Poitiers: measurements, modelling and impact of climate change Laurent Caner


Wednesday 5th June


[8h30-12h30] Work meeting of the new CRITEX projects (presentation of sites, equipment, methods and goals), provisional program of discussion (proposition)

8h30-8h40 Welcome of participants

8h40-9h Project : “High frequency temperature monitoring as a groundwater tracer of flow and biogeochemical reactions in the critical zone”,Olivier Bour

9h-9h20 Temperature monitoring of Orgeval, Agnès Rivière, Nicolas Flipo

9h20-9h40 The use of DTS active method for characterizing surface-groundwater exchanges at the Sélune, Nataline Simon

9h40-10h Obsera, Eric Lajeunesse

Coffee break 10h-10h30

10h30-10h50Surface-groundwater interactions at Guidel,Olivier Bour

10h50-11h10 Surface-groundwater interactions at Auverwatch site, Hélène Celle-Jeanton

11h10-11h30  Project : Water chemistry monitoring for hot-spots and hot-moments characterization in the Critical Zone, Camille Bouchez

11h30-11h50 Learn project Alain Crave

11h50-12h30 Discussion

Lunch (buffet meal) 12h30-14h

Past Meetings and conferences

25th meeting H+ 9-10 May 2022, Paris, Jussieu, METIS, Darcy conference room
Monday, 23 May 2022
    Participants OSUR, University of Rennes 1: Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Maria Klepikova, Camille Bouchez, Annick Battais, Nicolas Lavenant, Meruyert Kenshilikova, Ivan Osorio, Eliot... Read More...
24th meeting H+ Paris 3-5 June
Thursday, 06 June 2019
    Participants   OSUR, Université de Rennes 1 : Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Jérôme de la Bernardie, Laurent Longuevergne,... Read More...
23rd Meeting & Meeting of the international scientific committee, Rennes, September 19&20, 2018
Tuesday, 25 September 2018
  Participants: Scientific committee : Philippe Renard, Andrew Binley, Jan Fleckenstein, Jérôme Gaillardet OSUR : Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Marie-Françoise Gerard,... Read More...
22nd Meeting and Enigma ITN 2nd meeting, Liège, October 12th, 2017
Tuesday, 14 November 2017
This meeting took place before the 2nd Enigma ITN meeting in Liège, October 2017 Participants: OSUR : Tanguy Le Borgne, Philippe Davy, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Olivier Bour, Annick... Read More...
IR OZCAR Meeting - Paris, 6-7 February 2017
Thursday, 09 March 2017
Participants: Steering committees of the SOERE, SNO and CIO and Laurent Longuevergne for CRITEX. Date : 6 et 7 février 2017. Location : Paris, IPGP Agenda : Workshops Workshop 1 : Scientific... Read More...
21st meeting & Kick-off meeting of Enigma ITN, Paris, January 30 & 31, 2017
Thursday, 19 January 2017
  Participants: H+ : Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Laurent Longuevergne, Annick Battais, Cédric Champollion,  Nolwenn Lesparre, Gilles Porel, Jacques... Read More...
Workshop Hydrogeophysics UPMC Paris , 29-30 june 2016
Tuesday, 21 June 2016
Participants: H+ : Tanguy Le Borgne, Philippe Davy, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuevergne, Annick Battais,Luca Guillaumot, Cédric Champollion, Benjamin Fores,... Read More...
19th meeting Poitiers, 8-9 October 2015
Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Participants OSUR : Tanguy Le Borgne, Philippe Davy, Marie-Françoise Gerard, Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuevergne, Nicolas Lavenant, Isabelle Simier, Nicolas Guiheneuf, Nathaline Simon, Lucas... Read More...
18th meeting - Rennes 6-7 October 2014
Saturday, 03 October 2015
Participants     OSUR : Philippe Davy, Tanguy Le Borgne, Paulina Lopez, Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuevergne, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Luc Aquilina, Nicolas Lavenant, Christophe Petton,... Read More...
Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing Workshop - Poitiers, 06-08 October 2015
Friday, 04 September 2015
Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature and Acoustic Measurements: applications in Hydrology, Hydrogeology and Geophysics. Principles, Applications, Field demonstrations Organizers and lecturers: Olivier... Read More...
17 th meeting - Jülich, 3-5 June 2013
Friday, 27 September 2013
Participants Geosciences Rennes (France): Philippe Davy, Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Rebecca Hochreutener, Annick Battais, Nicolas Guiheneuf, Joaquin Jimenez, Maria Klepikova, Laurent... Read More...
16 th meeting - Rennes, 17-18 October 2012
Tuesday, 08 October 2013
Participants OSUR: Phillipe Davy, Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuevergne, Rebecca Hochreutener, Annick Battais, Nicolas Lavenant, Nadine Fouillé, Joaquin Gimenez, Jean-Raynald de... Read More...
Tuesday, 08 October 2013
The 2012 GDAT meeting dedicated to groundwater dating was held in Rennes from the 15 to 19 October 2012. The conference was a great success with the participation of nearly 60 researchers, engineers... Read More...
15 th meeting - Paris, 21 March 2012
Tuesday, 08 October 2013
Participants OSUR : Phillipe Davy, Tanguy Le Borgne, Olivier Bour, Laurent Longuevergne, Rebecca Hochreutener, Annick Battais, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Thierry Labasque Hydrasa Poitiers :... Read More...
IMAGE 14 th meeting- Avignon, 18-19 May 2010
Monday, 07 October 2013
Tuesday 18th May [9h-9h15] Genram information on the SO.H+: Tanguy Le Borgne, Philippe Davy [9h15-11h15] The hydrogeological sites Site de Poitiers – Jacques Bodin, Hydrasa Poitiers Site de... Read More...