Important H+ dates

- H+ Meeting, Paris, 9-10 May 2022

- OZCAR days, Ardèche, 7-10 March 2022,

- H+ Skype meeting between site coordinators, 28 January 2020 at 10 am

- OZCAR days, Sète, 10-12 March 2020,

- H+ Meeting, Montpellier, 12 March

- Final conference ENIGMA "In situ imaging of dynamic subsurface processes", Copenhague, 14-16 Avril 2020,

- Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action (CRA) Soil & Groundwater, June 2020,

- Gordon conference "Flow and transport in permeable media", Les Diablerets Suisse, 19-24 July 2020,

- First international conference OZCAR-TERENO, "Advancing critical zone science", Strasbourg, 29 september-1er october 2020,

The H+ observation service was created in 2002 with following missions:

The first goal of the H+ observation service is to maintain and coordinate a network of experimental sites capable of providing data - including chronicles or data on long term experiments - for the characterisation, quantification and modelling of water, element and energy transfers in underground aquifers.

The coupling between measurements, theories, and models is a fundamental goal of the H+ observation service. The observatory aims to create a long-term relation between research teams interested in the theoretical, numerical or experimental aspects of transfers in heterogeneous media.

The H+ observation service also has the task of establishing a partnership between fundamental research, training and operational partners. Training activities are organised on the exploitation of the resource and the prevention of environmental risks.

The database

The H+ Database includes all the data acquired on the H+, OZCAR networks and other associated sites. 

The Google Earth application is available online for each site:



Catalog of metadatas

Data portal