The database was created in order to collect all the available data on the H+ Network. The access to data is possible upon requesting an username and a password at

With this account, you can :

- Access to the database interface to create you own data request, access to the predefine requests and insert your site data;

- Download, directly on the H+ website, the data from each site sorted by type of parameter;

- Display and download the data of each site using the Google Earth application.

To get support for creating your own requests and inserting your site data you can consult the H+ database guide and read the terms of use where you can access the general rules of recording, the template formats for data insertion, the glossary and the list of metadata.

Data and Google Earth files of each site can be downloaded from the links below:

To download and to access the data of all the sites combined via Google Earth, click on the following icon