We provide here the dataset used by Hoffmann et al. (2022) published in Groundwater. The data was acquired at the test site Choutuppal in India, which is part of the French network of hydrogeological observatories H+ (

The data may be downloaded from the links below by creating a logging and a password on the H+ database at

The full dataset of the Choutuppal site is available from and


Convergent tests

Files related to convergent tests can be downloaded here.

Pushpull test

Files related to pushpull test can be downloaded here.

Pumping tests during convergent tests

Files related to pumping tests can be downloaded here.





Hoffmann, R., Maréchal, J.-C., Selles, A., Dassargues, A., and Goderniaux, P. Heat Tracing in a Fractured Aquifer with Injection of Hot and Cold Water. Groundwater, 60(2):192--209, 2022. [ DOI ]