An ADTS-toolbox for automatically interpreting Active Distributed Temperature Sensing measurements


Considering the potential of active-DTS experiments for characterizing both the groundwater (or seepage) flow distribution as well as for conducting distributed Thermal Response Tests (Simon et al., 2021), we propose a free-access Toolbox, called the ADTS Toolbox, for the automated interpretation of Active-DTS measurements and the visualization of associated results. This toolbox offers the possibility to the user of estimating both the thermal conductivity and the groundwater flux for each measurement point located along a heated section of Fiber-Optic Cable.

The ADTS Toolbox can be downloaded here.

The ADTS Toolbox contains:

-          Several MATLAB codes on which the data interpretation relies.

-          A user guide, which details the preparation of experimental data and step-by-step instructions on the use of each MATLAB code and on the integration of the data inputted into them.

-          An example of the use of the toolbox to interpret field data, which includes a file containing the data set, the filled-out MATLAB scripts, the results and the associated plot results.

The ADTS toolbox is presented with all details in a paper (Simon et al., 2022) entitled « An ADTS toolbox for automatically interpreting Active Distributed Temperature Sensing measurements », which is published in Groundwater.


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Simon, N., Bour, O., Lavenant, N., Porel, G., Nauleau, B., Pouladi, B., Longuevergne, L., Crave, A. Numerical and Experimental Validation of the Applicability of Active-DTS Experiments to Estimate Thermal Conductivity and Groundwater Flux in Porous Media. Water Resources Research, 57(1), e2020WR028078, 2021.

Simon, N. and Bour, O. An ADTS toolbox for automatically interpreting Active Distributed Temperature Sensing measurements. Groundwater, 2022.