A list of datasets for multi-dimensional hydrogeological system characterization and monitoring is given in the table below with the links to corresponding datasets.

It is submitted in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences by Hermans et al.   

The data may be downloaded from the links below by creating an account on the H+ database at https://hplus.ore.fr/en/database/acces-database.

If you would like to contribute to these datasets with a new related data, for any questions please contact:

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A. 3D + time

A.1 Time-lapse geophysical monitoring of heat transport: 2D time-lapse ERT cross-sections + 3D multiple nested wells data during heat tracer test

Hermalle, Belgium


Hermans et al. (2015b, 2018)

Hoffmann et al. (2019)


A.2 Time-lapse geophysical monitoring of hyporheic zone processes: 2D surface Electromagnetic Inuction + 2D time-lapse ERT (section)

Theis site, Ohio, USA


McGarr et al. (2021)

B. 2D + time

B.1 Time-lapse geophysical monitoring of water infiltration in the vadose zone: 2D time-lapse ERT and seismic cross-sections + TDR monitoring of water content during irrigation

Ploemeur, France


Blazevic et al. (2020)


B.2 GPR imaging of fracture opening during hydraulic test: Borehole and surface GPR+ optical televiewer + core logging during high pressure injection test

Aspö hard rock laboratory, Sweden



Molron et al. (2020, 2021)


B.3 GPR imaging of  tracer transport in fractured media: Borehole GPR + conductivity and fluorescence monitoring during tracer test

Ploemeur, France


Shakas et al. (2016, 2017)


B.4 Use of Vp/Vs ratio to monitor subsurface water content: 2D time-lapse seismic cross-sections P-  and  surface-wave  survey, SH-wave refraction acquisition, travel-time tomography

Ploemeur, France


Pasquet et al. (2015)

Dangeard et al. (2018)


B.5 Time-lapse geophysical monitoring of water infiltration in karstic environment: 2D time-lapse ERT cross-sections during rainfall events

LSBB, France


Carrière et al. (2015, 2022)


B.6 Time-lapse geophysical monitoring of seawater intrusion: 2D time-lapse cross-hole ERT in coastal aquifer

Argentona, Spain


Palacios et al. (2020)

C. 1D + time

C.1 Magnetic resonance sounding monitoring of water in a headwater catchments: Time-lapse magnetic resonance sounding

Strengbach, France


Lesparre et al. (2020)


C.2 Fiber optic DTS monitoring for estimating thermal conductivity and groundwater flux in porous media: Fiber optic DTS and heat tracer experiments in a sand tank

Poitiers, France


Simon et al. (2020, 2022)


C.3 Fiber-optic monitoring of heat transfer in fractured media: Fiber optic-DTS monitoring during thermal and solute tracer tests

Ploemeur, France


De La Bernardie et al. (2018)


C.4 Use of gravimeter time series for hydrological model calibration in a karst aquifer: Ten years gravimetry time series using iGrav superconducting gravimeter

Larzac, France


Fores et al. (2018, 2017)


C.5 Time-lapse absolute quantum gravity measurements to monitor water storage in karstic environments: Gravimeter time series

Larzac, France


 Cooke et al. (2021)


C.6 Self-potential monitoring of natural rainfall and saline tracer infiltrations at the agricultural test site (HOBE network): Self-potential, time series

Voulund, Denmark


 Hu et al. (2020)


C.7 Fiber-optic and borehole temperature monitoring of heat transfer in stream valleys: Fiber optic-DTS and borehole temperature monitoring of naturally occurring temperature fluctuations in groundwater upwelling areas in wetlands

Holtum stream lowlands, Denmark



 Tirado-Conde et al. (2019)

D. High resolution imaging of heterogeneity combined with tracer tests

D.1 3D Seismic imaging of a karstic aquifer combined with multiple cross borehole tracer tests: 3D seismic bloc and tracer tests

Poitiers, France




Mari et al. (2009)


D.2 GPR Imaging of sand layered aquifer with multiple 2D profiles and tracer tests: Crosshole GPR and tracer tests

Krauthausen, Germany


Gueting et al. (2015, 2017)

E. Multiple tracer experiments

E.1 Solute and heat tracer tests for characterizing heat transfer in fractured granite: Convergent and push-pull tests with injection of hot water, cold water and salt

Choutuppal, India


Hoffmann et al. (2021b)


E.2 Solute and dissolved gaz tracer tests for characterizing transport in Chalk: Convergent and push-pull tests with heat, helium, argon, xenon and uranine

Mons, Belgium



Hoffmann et al. (2020, 2021a)


E.3 Salt and dissolved oxygen tracer tests for characterizing transport and transit-times in a riparian zone: Time-series of EC, dissolved oxygen, and water temperature and stage

Selke River, Falkenstein, Germany



Nogueira et al. (2021a, 2021b)